Diana Luz Pessoa de Barros
Área do Conhecimento: 
Área Específica: 
Linguística e multidisciplinaridade
Resumo / Abstract: 

We shall now discuss the relations between the different forms of intolerance, introducing a number of issues on the relations of multidisciplinarity to intolerance. As we have pointed out in other papers, there are three main aspects of linguistic intolerance: 1. language usage is deeply marked by intolerance and prejudice, even though they are often disguised either by ethical values, “linguistic errors” or by aesthetic values, “refined language”, in certain usages and languages; 2. the relations between linguistic usages or between different languages can be of public or private nature: in the public domain, intolerance arises when a law regulates certain usages and languages and prohibits others (e.g. the prohibition of the use of forms of Tupi Indian languages in Brazil, imposed by Pombal , and the Toubon Law, in France, which prohibits the use of foreign terms).

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